Thousand Oaks Window Cleaning Service

George’s Window Cleaning has more than 15 years of experience. We service Los Angeles and Ventura Counties – with a focus toward the city of Thousand Oaks.

We are a family owned Thousand Oaks window cleaning service company, specializing in residential and commercial window cleaning. Our Thousand Oaks window cleaning service will accommodate all of your needs, whether it be your basic home or office window cleaning job, or a more abstract project, such as cleaning your light fixtures or chandeliers. At George’s Windows, we know how important it is to have a sparkling image, and we relish in the ability to allow you to further put your sparkling image on display! We only use the highest quality, and more importantly, environmentally friendly solutions, as longevity is just as important to us as a job well done! Aside from windows and light fixtures, we also clean window coverings such as shutters and blinds, as well as awnings, casements, jalousies, solar panels, and double hung bays.

Above all, however, customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities. And we will make sure that at the end of the day, not only are your windows as clean as possible, but that the job was taken care of by our team in a timely manner and with a smile on our face the entire time. Please call George’s Windows today and we will be happy to not only take care of all your window service needs, but also ensure that you are treated like royalty every step of the way!